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>> i'm glad to have tony back too. you're looking shorter. >> i'm sure it's the seat. high temperatures back into the upper 80s. a few of us will touch 90. currently 71 at reagan national. a lot of 60s off to the north and west. 65 in hagerstown. 64 in frederick. 73 the winning number in ocean city if you're lucky enough to have another day down at the beach. should be great down there. and 70 in fredericksberg. and a lot of quiet out there. high pressure continuing across the washington area. so more bright sunshine today. a little more humidity than what has been around the last couple of days but not anything compared to july and august levels so it will still be plenty comfortable out there but hot with highs in the upper 80s to about 90. cold front toward chicago, that will cool us down later this week. i'll have more details on that in a couple of minutes. but a lot of sunshine and 89 your afternoon high. more details in the forecast in
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a minute. we'll look at tropical storm hermine as well. >> tucker, thank you. to a developing story in montgomery county. the ramps from i-270 to and from old georgetown road and rock ledge drive are closed with police activity because of a domestic situation along forest drive. this is video from sky fox. a man fired gunshots at his ex girl and took off. she was not hurt but officers are searching the area. walter johnson high school and tildon middle school has been placed on code blue, meaning no one is allowed in or out. the top story, the race for mayor fenty has received another endorsem in -- endorsement for re-election from the washington examiner. >> and the democratic primarily will likely determine who is the next washington mayor. sherry ly is live in southeast
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with more. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. campaigners are out here as early voting is underway this morning. mayor fenty could use that endorsement from the washington examiner today. it cites his improvement in schools, finances, economic development and reducing crime as reasons for its support. although it does say that vincent gray is a capable public servant and we do not fear disaster if he wins and right now it is gray who has a wide lead in polls. the two candidates are in the final throws of the campaign with one week to go before the democratic primary. mayor fenty the incumbent underdog spent yesterday working to rally his supporters in hopes of a come-from-behind win. and gray shoring up his votes. he met with teachers and drummed up is the portion -- support and promising to be inclusive. with early voting underway,
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neither candidate is waiting until tuesday. >> we're priming the pump. we want to get the numbers in the polls the highest they can be and the only way to do so is to start voting early. >> we'll be out all day and into the evenings from now until the 14th. it's a very spirited campaign. >> reporter: now the polls opened at early polling locations half an hour ago. there are five sites throughout the city. including this one at hines junior high school. and this is the first season they have done early voting and it is the big wild card, whether it will increase voter turnout and which candidates might benefit. sherry ly, fox 5 news, back to you. now to the controversy in the race for the ward 5 council seat. one candidate is accusing
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another of stealing his campaign signs from a supporter's private property. capital expenditurey henderson is said tohenderson said she removed the signs after a conversation with the diner owner. >> we talked about the signs and he asked me to remove the signs and said he initially put them up because he felt sorry for mr. thomas. >> it's fortunate that we have video surveillance because it shows what happened on that particular day and there is no disputing that. >> the diner's owner said he never asked henderson to remove anything from the property. police reports have been filing accusing her of theft. to maryland now. bob ehrlich released his first ad saying let's get to worse.
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maryland is in worse shape due to debt. o'malley called it a pie in the sky ad. they said he is making empty promises. and just a reminder that today is the deadline to request an absentee ballot by e-mail. voters can still get them in person until election day. another big story this morning, president obama is feeling the heat boxed in by the economy and negative polling numbers, the white house may have to regroup ahead of the november mid-term elections. doug luzader has the latest from capitol hill. even some liberals are beginning to question white house strategy and for the president, the pressure is starting to show. >> hello milwaukee. >> reporter: you couldn't imagine a friendlier crowd for the president. the labor fest, the same gathering of organized laborer that helped him become president. and he in turn almost confided
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in them. >> they talk about me like a dog. that's not in my prepared remarked but it's true. >> at least dogs have a good sense to bury their bone and save it for days and not just spend it. >> reporter: some democrats have been grumbling that obama is laying a poor foundation for the november mid-term elections. and the polls don't help much either. and the polling average shows approval numbers are upside down with a 49% disapproval. he is a shake-up in the white house staff in the offing and republicans sense blood in the water and happy to try to shut down whatever remains of the president's agenda. >> if i said the sky was blue, they would say no. [ appli said fish live in the sea, they'd say no. >> reporter: the president is trying to score points too but there aren't much time left in
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the game. even as he tried to find retch youth in a friendly crowd. and the plan to spend another $50 billion in infrastructure isn't going overall that well in congress. republicans are flat out against it and many democrats are not too thrilled about the idea of more spending. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. well it's back to work for employees at the discovery channel building. the headquarters is reopening this morning, one week after environmental protestor james lee first entered the building. sky fox was over the milding this morning. the building was put on lockdown as lee held hostages forcing the evacuation of nearly 2,000 workers. he was later killed by police. tony. now to a story we brought you first here at 9:00 yesterday. a devastating fire claimed the lives of 27 thoroughbred horses near charles town, west virginia. three barns went up in flames in ranson west virginia.
9:08 am
flames could be seen shooting 50 feet in the air. dozens of workers nearby tried to help the animals. they were able to save 20 but flames were said to have spread too quickly. firefighters aren't ruling out anything at this point. excitement in northern virginia this morning as more kids head back to school. today we spoke with dr. pat murphy, superintendent of arlington county public schools about changes in store for the kids this clear, including healthier foods and subjects and the superintendent said the most important thing is to start at home. >> we have excellent support here, is parent engagement. we want to see parents at school and engaged in what is going on. >> in fairfax county, teachers
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find a focus on high quality learnings to encourage kids to explore specific areas of study. plans to burn the coran in the united states spark a massive protest in afghanistan. coming up, why a preacher here in the u.s. is planning to burn the holly book on one of the deadliest days in history. and plus one man speaks out about this controversy. nats players making a difference in the lives of persons who can reed. we'll be right back after this. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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a florida church at the center of an unpower-play lar decision to burn copies of the muslim -- muslim holy book the
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coran. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: the pastor plans to burn the book on 9/11. that sparked a response from afghanistan saying it could put troops in danger. many showed up in gainesville, florida, showing it's support. the pastor's plan has reached all the way to afghanistan. where hundreds of demonstrators burned a card board effigy of the pastor, terry jones. >> we're not surprised that they are responding in that way because that is the nature of sherria lal and islam. >> reporter: the black panthers
9:14 am
want president obama and charlie crist to change his mind. >> we want to warn pastor jones that if he burns the caron he will bring a wrath of chastisement and we should be sitting down at the table to resolve our differences. >> the black panthers say they'll be back on saturday in numbers to show this church and the world they won't stand for religious hatred but the church pastor said nothing will stand in his way. >> we think the message is that important. we think we can not back down because of fear because if we back down, it won't make islam any more moder at. >> reporter: now the city of gainesville denied a permit for the bon fire but the pastor vows to go ahead any way. a facebook page dedicated to the day has more than 8,000 fans but a page opposing the event has more than four times
9:15 am
that many. allison. >> thank you. we'll watch that. and more fallout. normally muslims mark the end of ramadan with a party. this year it falls around 9/11 and many muslims across the country are canceling large- scale celebrations. this is national literacy month and the folks at reading is fundament are urging parents to read to and with their kids. the start of the new school year provides opportunities to make reading part of every day family life. we'll find more from steven lee from reading is fundamental. >> good to be here. >> before we talk about the way parents can encourage to read more and all of that kind of thing, let's talk about an event you are involved with tonight at nation's park with the nationals. >> we are very excited this evening to celebrate national literacy month with the nationals. during the day today john
9:16 am
lanham will reed at kimball elementary school and we're encouraging folks to come out and help us celebrate literacy. >> and i understand they're going to show some of this during the pregame tonight and some of the kids will get to run out. >> yes. making it a fun evening for families across the area. to see some of the riv players and making sure they understand literacy and fun. >> and you say make it a fun evening. and that is one of the themes, is to make reading fun. >> absolutely. >> before we get to that, let me ask you, are you finding that kids are less interested in reading these days as they are come barded with more digital media and video games. >> we know those things are out there and you can never compete with some of the neck willing to -- the technology and we understand the importance of children having a book and
9:17 am
utilizing books and see booking as being just as fine and just as exciting and adventurous as video games and other media out there. so we try to encourage that with our children and looking at the media and what we do. but it's really -- nothing beats a good book, or having a book in your hand to flip and read. so we encourage that. >> let's talk about the way you want to make reading for someone and tips for parents. >> many parents realize and understand they are their child's first teacher and as a result they have to take certain steps to make sure the children do develop the love and interest of reading and books. the moment they come home from the hospital, read aloud with your child. reading -- making read a fun part of every day. whether it's a newspaper, a magazine, reading billboards as you walk to the bus stop, anything like that is encouraging reading. also modeling behavior.
9:18 am
having your children see you reading for fun also helps them sort of develop that love of reading. going to the library. there are a number of public libraries here in the district and in maryland and virginia that you can attend. book stores, making that a number part of weekend activities is a good idea. and just being the child's first teacher and helping utilize the child's interest and turning that into fun with books. >> and i have a young child and one of the things that i observe is that, like you say, reading billboards or whatever as you are going down the street. once they do start to recognize words and are able to read, they get very excited by that. so part of the key is just to keep them excited. >> and that's part of our goals and our vision, is to provide access to reading materials to children all over the country. and we tell parents little activity every day can support their child's literacy and we try to push that.
9:19 am
i have a nephew that loves thomas the train and we try to get as many things about thomas the train in front of him so he can develop that level of reading himself. and it's a great understand. >> you've been around a long time. and we thank you for coming in and talking about the effort and encourage folks to get out to the nats game later on tonight and take in some of the activities there as well. >> thank you, steve. a thousand homes evacuated and others destroyed, the latest on a wildfire tearing through colorado this morning. >> and the always fashionable holly morris has found a story to match her style this morning. that's hard to do. >> well thank you for the compliments. there is my style level and then there is paul wharton's style level. look at him. paul wharton is here along with molly aimons. that's mary's daughter from
9:20 am
d.c. housewives. they are here because they are supporting fashion's night out and we'll see what they are doing and what you should be doing come this weekend. it's all live later. >> paula is modeling behind you. let's look at today's trivia question. for over 50 years taylor ann has been serviced for u.s. baby food, pasta sauce, grandma's molasses. if you would like to take a look go to 
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9:23 now. firefighters in colorado say a fast-moving wildfire has destroyed dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of a
9:24 am
thousand others. it started yesterday near boulder but high winds overnight sent flames roaring through a rugged canyon in the colorado foothills. >> i've been here 25 and never seen fire like this. we always have fires, but this looks different. this is devastating. >> the wildfires are now covering more than 6 miles. meanwhile tropical storm hermine moving into texas. some put down sand bags. the storm made land fall with winds at 65 miles per hour. they have dropped now. they could drop a foot of rain in some areas battered by hurricane alex in june. one of the nine teen ager who's helped change the face of the civil rights movement and the nation has died. jefferson thomas one of the 9
9:25 am
that integrated into high school. it was the first test of the school desegregation order. he and the others were awarded the congressional medal of honor. he died of cancer at 68 years old. places are already offering flu shots but is it too early for this immunization and are they all created equal? we have that answer and more coming up next. plus many people share their vacations realtime but are those updates worth nearly $10,000? why one family is looking at an enormous bill after their vacation. something you want to update before you hit the road. it's 9:25. go t
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monster cell phone bill she and her two kids had. the kids went on a trip to israel and spent time texting and playing games. and then the bill came for $9,700. several automate add letters are send out to folks traveling internationally but the family said they never had a warning. verizon has since agreed to take $4,000 off the bill. >> so $5,000? >> you can have my phone. sorry. >> you would have to send a letter. >> old school. >> write letters, that's right. >> how terrible. you can imagine? >> that's an important lesson. i wonder if the kids will work that one off. >> i mean $5,000. any way, tucker, nice day out there. beautiful day. you can save money on the air- conditioning tomorrow.
9:30 am
>> i've been doing that. >> and still the humidity not too bad. so for a lot of people, no problem. we'll talk temperatures and mild start to the day. we're at 74 right now at reagan national. we're at 69 out at dulles. 72 now in frederick. 76 in fredericksberg. you get the out yeah. mostly in the 70s, a few spots in the 60s off to the north and west. with highs in the upper 80s to about 90. so well below where we should be this time of year but the humidity will creep up to the july and august around here. and certainly as we get into thursday and friday, it will be picture perfect around here again with high temperatures only in the upper 70s to about 80 and that's after a cold front gets through. so kind of on the warm side and then the cooldown into the end of the week. another nice looking day. i know we need the rain. it's been 15 days since we've had rain at reagan national.
9:31 am
not in the forecast today. a lot of quiet across the mid- atlantic. a few clouds and some up there in upstate new york. but they won't make it in here. and out to the west we go, this is a very weak cold front. as far as providing moisture. but this is really going to cool us down and this will bring us temperatures in the 70s and low 80s before the end of the week. so we'll keep our fingers crossed. and tropical storm hermine moving at 17 miles per hour, bringing heavy rain to southeast texas and maximum winds are down to 40 miles per hour. so hermine will fall apart in texas later today. mostly sunny skies and winds out of the south at 5-10 miles per hour and the all-important five-day forecast, right now it looks fine. sunny for much of the next five days as high temperatures will
9:32 am
be in the upper 80s to about 90. overnight lows are in the upper 50s to about 60 toward the end of the week and maybe we'll throw a rain drop into the forecast on sunday, but hopefully not during the redskins game. back to you. well fall means flu season and it's more tan just an annoyance for a lot of people. hundreds of thousands get seriously ill and more than 30,000 people die each year of complications, so who needs a shot and how early should you get one. and are the free shots at the supermarket just as good as the ones you get at the doctor's office. joining us is angela pringle from northwest washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> every year i'm shocked by that statistic. flu is nothing to play with. complications can lead to
9:33 am
death. >> yes. >> and over 30,000 people? >> yes. who? >> chronically those over 65 orup babies. >> you read my mind, i said who is most at risk. but there are some people who should not get a shot. >> and the cdc recommended only 50 and up and now they recommend 6 months and up to get a flu shot. you have kids in school and work to be at and it's worthwhile not getting sick and losing time from work. >> and what is the time for expectant mothers. >> we do not want a pregnant woman to get the flew. >> is it a mist that if you get the flu shot and you get the flew. but you're getting it to fight
9:34 am
the flu. demonstration on how dangerous or not immunizations are. >> we've been doing them for a long time and they're safe. most people just experience soreness at the injection site. for the most part you cannot get the flu from anin vac sin -- from the evacuation. it's easier to do and this is a nasal mist and it's very highly recommended for children. and adults up to the age of 49. the flu shot is really easy to do. i find that most people getting it for the first time might have the worst symptoms where they feel tired, achy, headachy about 24-48 hours and that's just your immune response acting to the vaccine and that's perfectly normal. >> tell us about this year's batch. what is in it and we've seen in year's past when there hasn't been enough.
9:35 am
>> and if you look at three strains of flu and this year we're lucky to have the 2009 h1n1 vaccine in the seasonal flu this year. so even if you had the h1n1 last year, he kennaage you to get it this -- we encourage you to get it this fall. >> is it too late to get it. >> absolutely not. we do expect the flu season to be the highest between november and march. >> a lot of deals out there. but first, you're at the fox hall immunization practice. is it safe to go to a drug or grocery store or a reduced price type of outlet to get a flew shot. what do you need to know? >> absolutely. if you're comfortable getting it at your doctor's office then that's the place you should be.
9:36 am
if you've been to the farm as -- pharmacy before or grocery store, it's the exact same vaccine and they're all certified to give it there. >> and for the viewer at home, we can go over the cheap shots. but sometimes your employer may cover the cost and a child's school pay offer a discount. there are free clinics and health fairs but you should respect on -- you should check on that. and some drugstores, cv s $30 and discounts on your next purchase. we appreciate you coming in. again you're urging everybody to get out there and get into staying healthy. pam pringle with fox hall, thank you very much. scandal is hitting the
9:37 am
british government. is there a phone tapping of several british royals. and an up close look at damage. it's newly found color footage taken after a world war 2 bombing. we'll show you after the break. but first the trivia question. for over 50 years and turner quick's portrait has been well absorbed for what product? the answer is coming up later. we'll be back in a moment. don't go anywhere. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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experts are warning north powerful earthquake could soon hit new zealand. saturday a 7.1 magnitude quake destroyed buildings, homes and roads in the city of christ church. since then there have been more than 100 powerful aftershocks.
9:41 am
quake experts say that will continue for several weeks. miraculously no deaths have been reported. a new scandal in england involving private phone messages of the royal family. a reporter for the tabloid news of the world is under fire for hacking into the voice mail of prince harry. the reporter got ahold of his pin code for his cell phone messages. one of the cell messages to harry was printed word for word in the newspaper. now five more people are suing the paper for breaking into their voice mail as well. the editor was described as letting reporters do whatever they want. and news of the world is owned by news corp, the parent company of fox 5. take a look at this. we're getting a first look at rare color footage of the damage inflicted on london during world war ii.
9:42 am
it was found in the attic by a family of an air raid wardon showing several landmarks in ruins. today marks the 70th campaign. it shows churchill visiting bombsights to assess the damage. >> do you want to talk about that? >> no. it's weird to see it in collar. >> and i find that hacking into private voice mail unconscionable. >> yes, in deed. >> and reading it word for word. >> i didn't do it. >> how could you? just how prominent is d.c. on the fashion scene. holly is up with fashion night out in georgetown. and i think you heard this, get ready to groove with buster brown and the getdown.
9:43 am
they're here performing for us live. but first, here is wendy williams with a look at what she's working on for her show today. >> hey, i'm sitting here preparing for you today. perez hilton is skypeing in and we're talking about the latest celebrity scoop. plus wayne brady. do im on let's make a deal. he's been here last season and he's coming back today. and there is a gospel choir from oakland, california and they're here in new york at our studios to do a very special how you doing song. can't wait. h , t
9:44 am
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9:46 am
it's a celebration. it's a celebration of fashion with -- do you like that -- with intent to boost the fashion industry economy. >> we're talking about fashions fight out.
9:47 am
and fox 5's holly more sis in georgetown dor -- morris is in georgetown. >> reporter: this is citys across the globe celebrating all that is fashion. and this is the second year d.c. was invited to be a part and i have a feeling one of the reasons was because of stylish people like paul warden. >> well, hello miss holly. >> look at him sauntering over here. the last time we were together we were doing halloween costumes at kmart. i think we have kicked it up a notch. but you look gorgeous. >> thank you. i'm trying to keep it together. fashion night out is coming up in d.c. and i'm excited to be cohosting with some of my female friends that night in georgetown. but before you can be fashionable, i think you have to take care of your skin, hair and body.
9:48 am
and i know on jersey shore they talk about the tanning, tanning is over. fall, get it together. so a few of my favorite things, my skin, i go to dr. rough at the metropolitan institute and i love him and i pulled a few things from there. my procare sonic brush, that cleanses, it exfoliates and it's perfect and my essential serum and this is great for repairing skin damage and forget the natural sun, this is the best sunless tanning product that i've ever had in my life. sun brush tanning formula. i could not live without it. and i finished with my skin care spf 50 because i do not want a drop of sun damage on my face. >> reporter: will i look that smooth if i do that. >> yes. and the other two things, i
9:49 am
can't go out without my hair, and charlene did it today. and my body is by fitness together, anita brown. >> reporter: if i just go to fitness together. they'll give me the body. >> and a shop here in georgetown called charm, at 2910 m. street, and they are participating in fashion night out georgetown and these beautiful accessories. doreen akeem, this is inspired happiness. and then the scarf by vendia. and then the necklace by lee somebody. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the necklace that paul wharton says you should have. >> and my favorite candles. anybody has these burning in their home and you can get them at charm georgetown. they are like the hendy bend elf washington. >> reporter: and if you want to see it together, you can see
9:50 am
our lovely ladies wearing accessories. and they have this cool bag too and i want to bring in lolly aimons. and you probably already recognize her because she's mary's daughter from d.c. housewives. so you are going to be part of the label? >> it was started by my mom with the intention of using fashion and art to benefit women and children's charities so it is benefiting us with this super cute bag. sold for $10 in different retails. 100% will be go to charities. and we're going to fran dresher's -- [ lost audio ],
9:51 am
>> reporter: g give me the scoop. >> it is as real as it can be with a camera with four of those in your face all of the time. >> reporter: so it's not real at all. and anything we can expect in upcoming episodes? >> you can expect for the wheel to totally fall off one particular character. >> reporter: who might be that be? >> somebody from playboy. >> confirmation she might be posing for play boy. >> you know your wheel fell off. >> reporter: you don't want your wheels falling off if you're posing for play boy. but before we go, something that is real. it is a special day today. >> happy birthday momma. >> happy birthday, mary. >> reporter: and you can all
9:52 am
come celebrate. all of the style is here at the nation's capital in georgetown. is our website and we have a link to theirs to find out more. and we're going to talk now. >> hi, to you. >> they're having so much fun. >> and happy birthday to mary too because we watch the show. if you're a lover of live music, buster brown and the getdown is a band you don't want to miss. >> they join us live to talk -- and to play some music most importantly and tell us about some upcoming gigs of which there are many. dustin connelly is the leader of the band. that's what it says here. tell us who else is in the band real quick. >> this is rico, john, pj lemon and mike echoes. >> you all -- we heard you playing during the break warming up and how do you
9:53 am
describe your music. it's a whole bunch of stuff thrown together. >> it is a whole bunch. i say jam band with some soul. a little bit of everything. some jazz. just music for the people. >> and the people like it because you have a bunch of gigs lined up. where can people see you. i know you have a fan base. >> i do an assortment of solo acoustic gigs which can be found at get down with and the next time we are playing is in alexandria, virginia on september 11th at 715 king street. >> a lot of gigs. what are you playing for us today. >> a song called slow it down. >> and who is tapping? that's really good. are you going to do some of that now? >> you might see a little bit of it. >> all right. here we go. >> he doesn't look like he has his shoes on. >> okay. buster brown and the get down and the song again is --
9:54 am
>> slow it down. >> take it away. >> thank you. [ music ] ♪ ♪ i have too much on my plate. i have to get it straight. a lot of things going. ♪ slow it down. ♪ stop buzzing around. ♪ slow it down. ♪ slow it down. ♪ stop buzzing all around. ♪ why don't i take today for
9:55 am
us to play. ♪ slow it down. ♪ well i got my list of priorities. ♪ but i got a chip on my shoulder sleeve. ♪ ain't nothing going to stand in my way. ♪ i got plays to be, people to see, things to do,. ♪ not in my hand, just violets in my head. ♪ every day, basically the same. ♪ but not today. ♪ i'm going to slow it down. ♪ stop buzzing all around.
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♪ slow it down. ♪ stop buzzing all around. ♪ slow it down. ♪ why don't i take a day for us to play. ♪ lay with me, lay with me. ♪ lay, yeah. ♪ yaeh, yeah. 
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9:59 am
time to answer today's trivia question. for over 50 years ann turner cook's portrait was the picture for what well-known food product? gerber's baby food. >> you were right. >> i looked ahead.

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